All Community Garden Data

Garden Ward Location Plot Size # of Plots Fee Wait List? Contact Contact Info Acreage
Common Good City Farm 1 Oakdale Pl NW and V Street NW An urban farm and education center growing food for low-income residents in Washington, DC. Volunteers welcome: see for details. Anita Adalja 0.538
Kalorama Garden (DPR) 1 Kalorama Rd. & Columbia Rd., NW 19 $25 annual fee for tools, etc. Yes, 10-20 people Carole Grunberg & Chris Otten 0.097
Independence Garden 2 6th St. & Independence Ave., SW (across from the Air and Space Museum) Various sizes 38 No cost Waiting list 2-3 years. Kendall LePoer, coordinator 0.181
West End Garden (DPR) 2 25th St. & N St., NW 10′x25′ or 5′x25′ 20 $20/year Yes, 30 people Kevin Platte 0.163
Fort Reno Garden (NPS) 3 Belt Rd. & Chesapeake St., NW 20′x35 and 25′x25′ 12 No cost Waitlist of 20-30. To be added to the waitlist, mail a card or note to address at right. They will be kept in order of postmark. Martha Hamilton 3615 Albemarle St. NW, WDC 20008 0.187
Friendship Garden (DPR) 3 45th St. & Van Ness St., NW 15′x15′, 10′x15′, and 15′x30′ 50 $10 25 people, call or email Penni St. Hilaire Penni St. Hilaire & Tommy Tomlinson 0.551
Glover-Archbald Garden (NPS) 3 42nd St. & New Mexico Ave., NW 25′x25′ 150 70 names Dino Kraniotis GPCGA, 4122 Edmunds St. NW, WDC 20007 2.701
Melvin Hazen Garden (NPS) 3 Sedgewick Ave. NW, just west of Connecticut Ave. 200 sq. ft. 102 $15 initiation fee + $25 annual dues Yes, approx. 125 people, 1-2 year waiting. Karin Adams, President
Loretta Castaldi, Secretary/ membership 0.723
Newark Street Community Garden (DPR) 3 39th St. & Newark St., NW 15′x15′ 190-200 $15 a year + extra $20 if no community service Yes, 80 people. Wait is usually 1-2 seasons Linda & Lew Berry 2.207
Whitehaven Garden (NPS) 3 40th St. & W St., NW Average size 20′x25′ 50 $50 initial deposit,$25 annual dues Yes, 25 people (average wait: two years) Matthew Riley, Manager 0.912
Rock Creek Garden (NPS) 4 Rock Creek Park Police stables near Northampton St. and Oregon Ave., NW 10′x20′ 120 $10 deposit, $10 annual fee Yes, no longer accepting new applications at this time Dave Ziskie 0.736
Blair Road Garden (NPS) 4 Oglethorpe St. & Blair Rd., NW 1/2 plot: 15′x15′, full plot: 30′x30′, though all plots are not square. ~150 $25 deposit + $20 (half plot), $35 (regular), $70 (double) No, 15 vacancies a year Howard Williams (garden coordinator) or Mark Perry (section leader) 5.283
Emery Garden (DPR) 4 9th St. NW & Missouri Ave, NW about 20′x20′ ~40 Kelly Melsted 0.354
Fort Stevens Garden (NPS) 4 13th Pl. NW & Ft. Stevens Dr., NW Approx. 20′x20′ Roughly 50 plots $40 initial fee, $15 annual fee. About 5 people Ms. Corinia E. Prince, President of the Ft. Stevens Gardening Association 202-829-8457 0.901
Peabody Garden (NPS) 4 9th St. & Peabody St., NW 25′x25′ 84 plots Yes William Vest Go to the garden 1.379
Takoma Recreation Center Garden (DPR) 4 300 Van Buren St., NW average 20′x15′ 8 plots no fees 10 people Stacy Mills 202-291-2055 0.073
Twin Oaks Garden/Youth Garden (DPR) 4 14th St. & Taylor St., NW 10′x10′ 45 $25/year Yes, 10 people 0.642
Mamie D. Lee Garden (NPS) 5 100 Gallatin St., NE Half plots: 12.5′x25′, full plots: 25′x25′ 68 full plots, 12 half plots $15 per year for half plots, $25 per year for full plots + a $10 deposit for all plots Yes, a handful of people MDL Garden Manager 1.376
Montana Gardens 5 17th St. & Montana Ave., NE 20′x30′ 25-30 $20 annual fee No waiting list. Go to the garden 0.443
Washington Youth Garden 5 US National Arboretum

3501 New York Ave., NE

No individual plots are available – participate through programs or volunteer. Contact WYG for applications. Volunteers are always welcome. Kaifa Anderson-Hall, Program Director 0.560
Green East Community Garden 6 Alley lot between 17th, 18th, D, and E St., SE. 12′x 4′ 32 $100 initial fee and $50 yearly donations are encouraged. Yes, 22 people Tom Kavanagh (President) 0.154
SEED Community Garden 6 Alley lot between 17th, 18th, D, and E St., SE. 4′x12′ 44 Yes Dan Fitzgerald, membership coordinator 0.239
Hill East Community Garden 6 In an alley between C and D St. and 17th and 18th St., SE 4′x12′ 36 $100 initial fee, $50 annual fee thereafter Yes, 8-12 filled every season (see for details of getting on the list) Hill East Community Garden board members 0.154
Hilton Garden 6 210 6th St., NE 70 sq. ft. 44 One-time $20 initiation fee, annual dues are $12.50/year. Yes, it’s long Kendall LePoer, Chairman 0.283
King’s Court Community Garden 6 King’s Ct. alley – between 200 block of 14th and 15th St., SE 20′x4′ to 40′x4′ (longtime gardeners have larger plots) 32 $35 for single plot, $70 for double plot Yes, about 10 people Pat Taylor 0.128
Lovejoy Community Garden 6 12th St. and E St., NE 4′x8′ 18 $25/year plus a small key fee Yes, 12 people Kathy Hardy & Jamie Mitchell 0.027
Pomegranate Alley Community Garden 6 11th St. & I (Eye) St., SE (in alley behind Ginkgo Gardens) Average plot is 10′x10′ 15 $1.00/sq. ft. Yes Mark Holler (Gingko Gardens) 0.128
Virginia Ave Community Garden 6 In Virginia Ave. Park, 9th & L St SE 12′x3.5′, 20′x3.5′ or 10′x10′ 70 $0.50/sq. ft. Yes, 50. 2 years wait on average Jennifer Lancaster, Membership Coordinator 0.485
Waterside 6 600 M Street SW varying sizes 14 $20 for common needs, $40 to Church for water and trash removal. Yes, we have very little turnover. Camille Cook 0.038
Wylie St Community Garden 6 At the corner of 13th St. and Wylie St., NE (one block north of H St.) 5′x8′ 8 raised beds NA – We are a group of neighbors gardening a vacant lot. NA Diane Hoover, gardener 0.074
Fort Dupont Park Gardens (NPS) 7 Ft. Dupont Dr & Ft. Davis Drive SE 25′x25′ 220 Proposed fees for 2010: $50 No waiting list Kevin F. Barry 202-426-3224 3.572
Kingman Park/ Rosedale Community Garden 7 Rear of 400 block of 20th St., NE 16′x4′ 16 $80 initial fee, $40 annual fee Yes, about 1 year Mandie Yanasak 0.106
Lederer Youth Gardens (DPR) 7 4801 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave., NE 40 children’s plots (5′x15′) and 20 adult plots (10′x15′) 60 all together Adult plots are $30 per season. Children must register for each or all camp sessions No waiting list, sign up is in January Kelly Melsted 0.590
Shipley Community Garden 8 23rd and Savannah St. SE Go to the garden for more info Carolyn Bennett and Joan Trollinger 0.025
Fort Stanton 8 1700 Gainesville St., SE No cost No waiting list Addie Cooke, Fort Stanton Civic Association President 202-889-6729 0.232

Total Public Acreage Designated for Food Cultivation in DC:


average 15′x30′